Micro-fabrication via carbonic acid gas laser

Pushing the Boundaries of Ultra-thinness.
Microprocessing by carbonic acid gas laser makes cutting to a plate thickness of 0.003mm a reality

Microprocessing is one of our strong points.
At Syohatsu, with the addition of personal skill, we have made processing to a plate thickness of 3 microns a possibility.
Precision parts processing is done in a speedy manner.

Example of processing via carbonic acid gas laser cutter

We created a tiger pattern in this ultra-thin 0.2mm ceramic plate.
The finish is clear, including fine details such as whiskers etc.
S45C material.Regardless of whether the part to be processed is small or needs processing in many places, we perform speedy and high-quality cutting.
S45C material 12mm.Even if the part requires unusual overlapping processing such as flute-milling, curving, or hole-making, we provide a precise finish.
This 0.005mm stainless steel (SUS304) processed part is so thin that a puff of air will send it flying.This puts the skills of our veteran technicians on display.

Benefits of microprocessing carbonic acid gas laser processors

With a high-quality beam adapted for microprocessing, it is possible to cut holes to a minimum of φ0.1mm, or plates to a minimum thickness of 0.003mm, and they are able to offer ultra-thin cutting, including base cutting processing for the semiconductor industry, resin sheet processing for the resin industry, shim processing for the precision machinery industry etc.