Cutting processing via hydrogen gas

When you want low-cost steel cutting and CO2 reduction,
hydrogen gas processing is for you

This uses the hydrogen produced when oxygen and hydrogen are separated through electrolysis of water.
Because the raw material is water, cutting is possible at low cost, and with reduced CO2 emissions.
It is an environmentally-friendly cutting system.

Example of processing via hydrogen gas laser cutter

Example of steel processing to thicknesses of 22mm and 28mm.We can cut to your specifications, from parts with straight lines, to curves, holes, depressions etc.

The benefits of cutting via hydrogen gas

  • High cutting speed, and piercing time is significantly shortened.
  • Low heat strain or warping, and a sharp surface angle.
  • Significantly reduced gas expenses as well as higher cutting speed and reduced work time. Consequently, we can offer products to the customer at a low cost.
  • Material iron can be cut up to a plate thickness of 100mm, beyond which the laser cannot cut.
  • Because the cut face is smooth, with little slag or notching, secondary processing is simplified.
hydrogen gas laser cutter