Ultra-thin/high-precision laser processing professionals

We meet our customers’ needs, offering the thickness you want on a wide range of materials including ultra-thin SHIM, metal, aluminum, resin etc.

We use our high technical capabilities and cutting-edge machines to make the parts you want a reality.

Specializing in the field of high-precision parts processing via laser and press etc., our main customers come from a diverse range of industries, including construction machinery, industrial machinery, hydraulics, and electronics etc.

At Syohatsu Co., Ltd, we have cutting-edge machinery in place to respond to all your processing needs. With our accumulated technical prowess and our original development capabilities, we provide high value-added products that are second to none.


  • 2021.04.21 Introduced two additional synchro feed welding robots
  • 2019.10.16 Introducing four Synchro feed Welding robots
  • 2019.07.22 An automatic lathe is renewed in 350MA.
  • 2018.11.01 Introducing a 3D scanner type three-dimensional measuring machines VL-350
  • 2018.10.01 Introducing a M/C VCN-530C