Company Information


Our company aims to be a business that has both an impact on the world around us and a reason to be. We provide products which satisfy our customers in cooperation with local society on the basis of the idea that “We have been chosen to take care of this nature, the clean air, water, and bountiful land, for future generations.” In order to realize this, we will strive to establish and improve our management system through the education of our staff.


  1. We will provide products which satisfy customers and accurately meet their needs.
  2. We will plan to establish a management system, and carry out effective operations and continuous improvements.
  3. In order to deepen our high technical capability and knowledge, we will carry out systematic education and training.
  4. We will strictly adhere to relevant laws/regulations and other necessary items our company agrees to.
  5. We will make quality improvement, safe working, and pollution prevention our goals and strive to realize them.
  6. We will strive to provide products, services, and take part in activity which puts the global environment, local environment, and work environment first.
President and Representative Director: Yukio Takahashi
President and Representative Director: Yukio Takahashi

President and Representative Director: Yukio Takahashi

Company Overview

Company Name
Syohatsu Co., Ltd
Yukio Takahashi
10 million yen
No. of Employees
Male 53/Female 23, Total 76 [Average age: 35.5]
Head Office
Head Office

21-1 Yatanomachi, Komatsu-shi, Ishikawa-ken, 923-0342
PH: 0761-43-0521 Fax: 0761-43-2125

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Secondary Factory

32-3 Yatanomachi, Komatsu-shi, Ishikawa-ken, 923-0342
PH: 0761-48-6070 Fax: 0761-48-6071

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Primary Clients

  • Komatsu (all factories)
  • and many others

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Company History

Syohatsu Co., Ltd established
New facility completed
Acquired ISO9001 (2000 version) certification
Acquired ISO14001 (2004 version) certification
Increased number of machines at factory
Second factory completed
ISO 09001 (2015 version)
ISO 14001 (2015 version)

Primary Equipment

Primary Device Name Ability No. of Units
M/C VCN-530C 550 * 1300 1
Microprocessing carbonic acid gas laser Plate cutting thickness 0.003mm-19mm 8
1KW/1.8KW Fiber laser 1000 * 2000 1 each
Water jet cutter 1
Hydrogen gas cutter Plate cutting thickness 16mm-100mm 1
NC servo press/power press 150 ton and other 12
NC servo brake press 150 ton/125 ton/80 ton/50 ton/18 ton 1 each
Vertical machining center 510 * 1000 1
Vertical machining center 510 * 800 3
Automatic ultra-hard circular saw cutter 5Φ~70Φ 1
CNC lathe 3
Automatic lathe 1
Flat grinder 3
Parallel flat honing grinder 1
Automatic deburring machine 2
Rotary grinder 1000Φ 1
General-purpose lathe Maximum 900Φ 1
Sandblaster 2
Bandsaw 1
Barrel grinder 3
High-precision shear 1
Drill press 5
Semi-automatic welder 9
Welding robot 1
Argon welder 4
Synchro feed Welding robot FD-B6 6
Spot welder 1
Precision leveler 1
Parts washer 1

Inspection equipment

Primary Device Name No. of Units
3D scanner type three-dimensional measuring machines VL-350 2
Digital microscope VHX-6000 1
CNC 3D measuring device 2
Image measuring device 1
Surface roughness, contour shape composite measuring device 1
Magnetic particle tester 1
Microvickers hardness tester 1
Rockwell hardness tester 1